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Three Generations as a Family Farm

In 1973, Louis Corbett and his brother Mac were the first to commercially grow bell peppers and eggplant in the Lake Park, GA area. Family and local teenagers were the primary workforce at that time. Justin and Jared Corbett’s parents, Ken and Kim, were a part of this workforce when they started dating. In 1987, Ken and Kim started their own farming operation with one acre of bell peppers and a borrowed tractor. Ken tended the crops while working a full-time job off the farm. Kim managed the harvesting and the packing while raising their three children (Justin, Jessica, and Jared). 

Justin and Jared were born and raised on the farm—their first playpen was even made out of produce boxes! The farm has always involved the entire family. As they grew up, they, and many of their friends from school, spent their summer breaks working in the fields. It was a hard day’s work just to pack a couple wagon loads of bell peppers, but the experience gave them a love for farming and the land, instilled a strong work ethic, and built character. Those early lessons helped shape their strong commitment to customer service and clear communications and build the farm into what it is today.

Learn more about our farming roots and meet some of the people who are Corbett Brothers Farms.

About Current Operations

Today, Corbett Brothers Farms is one of the top vegetable growing operations on the East Coast. While green bells remain a primary crop, we also grow 8 additional varieties of peppers, plus squash, eggplant, cucumber, and cabbage. Our Besties brand makes us one of the leading growers and packers of Satsuma oranges. We farm on over 3,000 acres in two states across five counties. 

Our 175,000 square foot climate-controlled, state-of-the-art packing and cooling facility in Lake Park, GA utilizes some of the most advanced electronic sizing and packing equipment. Our farm has led the way in the development of best growing and packing practices to provide our customers with a high quality, consistent, and safe product. 

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